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There is one at every gathering…the perfect dessert, the one everyone wants to try. The “ooohs” and “aaahs” and “mmmms” tell you that it’s the perfect indulgence to end a meal.


The dessert table

Now, imagine that you were the one to make that divine dessert.  It is possible!  We aim to teach you how to make the perfect treat for special occasions, and not-so-special occasions, for that matter!

My name is Mary-Lee and I’ve been baking goodies for many years from my home kitchen.  Although the location has changed a few times, my methods have remained much the same.  I like simple ingredients and simple recipes. 

But simple doesn’t mean boring.  For years people have enjoyed the desserts I have made for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and even “just because”.  Join me as I teach you some classic desserts that have satisfied many a sweet tooth through the years.

Our recipes use wholesome, easy-to-find ingredients - just like Grandma used to use – so they taste better, richer, and creamier and have just the right amount of sweetness.  Making them is easier than you think! Our instructions lead you step by step so you can make goodies that everyone will remember with affection and watering mouths.

We want you to learn how easy it can be to make treats that are delicious and that are much more personal than plastic-encased cookies from the grocery store.  If you ever have trouble with a recipe, it’s our goal to walk you through any questions you may have and bring you out the other side with tasty treats.  We’re here for you!

I trust you will enjoy making the treats as much you’ll enjoy sharing them with your family and friends.  Your creations can be an occasional treat, the highlight of your hip bash, or stocked in your icebox for an after lunch treat.  No matter the occasion, we know everyone will be asking for more.

Now, are you ready to be asked: “You made that? Wow! … Can I have the recipe?”



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