I Love Cookies! (and Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter Cookies, too)

I have always enjoyed cookies – making them, eating them, sharing them. In my years of cookie baking I have collected a few treasures that I like to make over and over again because of their consistent ability to please the palate. My children also have a few favorite cookies that they like to sneak…

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Frozen Chocolate Mousse Squares

  Toblerone… my husband’s favourite chocolate. It also happens to be on my list of favourite chocolates, but for a different reason – frozen chocolate mousse! Somehow, this milk chocolate gets transformed into a delicious, irresistible treat with the addition of cream cheese and freezing temperatures. My eldest daughter had requested this to be her…

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Never Fail Brownies

This old recipe that I found when I was in high school has become a family favourite.  It was nestled in the middle of a purple, yellow and white Kinette Cookbook from the 70’s.  By the time I moved away from home, the recipe page had become yellowed with use, splotched with butter and sugar…

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