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Chocolate Cookies ‘N Cream Truffles

Valentines Day often makes one think of chocolates and flowers and romantic dinners. Here at Sweetie Treats, we can help you with one of those items – the chocolates. These chocolates are very simple to make and aren’t really something you bake, but are more something you assemble. Traditionally I have made these truffles at…

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Mixed Berry Trifle (and Other Trifles)

This dessert has luscious pudding, light and airy cake cubes, flecks of chocolate and fresh fruit all mixed into a wonderful combination that is so much more than the individual items could be on their own. It does not feel heavy or too rich when you eat it and it has a perfect combination of sweet…

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Almond Snowball Cookies

We are in the deep of winter as I write this. The thermometer has averaged below zero for well over a month. Snow, who knows how deep now, covers the entire lawn. Some mornings you can wake up to a winter wonderland with trees, bushes, cars, sidewalks and roads covered in sparkling white. And you may…

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