Transform Your Never Fail Brownies

You may have already made the Never Fail Brownies recipe that we featured last year, but I am guessing you didn’t know how versatile they can be. I have been working on this PDF cookbook for some time now (you can only eat so many brownies at one time without gaining way too much weight!) and…

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Check Us Out on Social Media!

Did you know that you can find Sweetie Treats on three different social platforms? Pinterest is personally my favourite social media app of all. The pictures are what get me – I guess I’m just a visual person. (I could get lost in there for days, if I let myself.) Every time there’s a new…

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Welcome to Sweetie Treats

I’ve enjoyed baking since I was a young girl in middle school.  I still remember the afternoon when my best friend and I worked on making a cherry pie.  After it was baked, my mom wanted to take a picture since we had made a special cutout of cherries on the top.  But, when I…

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