My Sweeties

Who is Sweetie?

By Mary-Lee | Apr 29, 2016

If you are new here, you might wonder where the name “Sweetie Treats” originated from. Well, it all started some years ago when my two daughters were pre-schoolers. When asking them to do, or not do, something, I would call them “Sweetie” (I still do!). This eventually led to them playing their version of “house”,…

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Grandpa's Fruit Salad

Banana Bonuses

By Mary-Lee | Apr 15, 2016

Do you ever go through a cycle of loving bananas, getting lots of them, and then discovering, after a few days, that you just don’t feel like eating them any more? My family will sometimes go on a streak of eating bananas every day for a full month, and then, without explanation, they just stop.…

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Iced Sugar Cookies

Iced Sugar Cookies

By Mary-Lee | Apr 6, 2016

My children are getting to the age where they can bake on their own. One of my daughters loves icing a lot so she decided to try making my favourite iced sugar cookie recipe because it had icing. The first time I helped her bake them she realized that she loved the raw dough just…

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Frozen Chocolate Mousse Dessert

Frozen Chocolate Mousse Squares

By Mary-Lee | Mar 30, 2016

  Toblerone… my husband’s favourite chocolate. It also happens to be on my list of favourite chocolates, but for a different reason – frozen chocolate mousse! Somehow, this milk chocolate gets transformed into a delicious, irresistible treat with the addition of cream cheese and freezing temperatures. My eldest daughter had requested this to be her…

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Never Fail Brownies

Never Fail Brownies

By stadmin | Mar 18, 2016

This old recipe that I found when I was in high school has become a family favourite.  It was nestled in the middle of a purple, yellow and white Kinette Cookbook from the 70’s.  By the time I moved away from home, the recipe page had become yellowed with use, splotched with butter and sugar…

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Strawberry Vanilla Trifle

Welcome to Sweetie Treats

By stadmin | Mar 9, 2016

I’ve enjoyed baking since I was a young girl in middle school.  I still remember the afternoon when my best friend and I worked on making a cherry pie.  After it was baked, my mom wanted to take a picture since we had made a special cutout of cherries on the top.  But, when I…

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