Who is Sweetie?

My Sweeties

If you are new here, you might wonder where the name “Sweetie Treats” originated from. Well, it all started some years ago when my two daughters were pre-schoolers. When asking them to do, or not do, something, I would call them “Sweetie” (I still do!). This eventually led to them playing their version of “house”, which they called “Sweetie”. I loved hearing one ask the other, “You wanna play Sweetie?” I would then watch them go and get out the doll stroller to push their dollies in or get the play dishes to make treats for their busy household. They could play “Sweetie” for hours at a time, which was music to my ears!

The girls

My Sweeties

In recent months the favourite game has switched to “school” – a sign of the times, I guess. But occasionally I still hear the odd “Sweetie” thrown in here and there and I remember how they cared for their dolly “Sweeties” too.

In honor of my Sweeties, I have named my treats blog after them and their favourite game.

I truly hope that the recipes your find here will remind you of your favorite childhood memories and will be a catalyst for more sweet memories to come. Enjoy!

So, let me officially welcome you to the Sweetie Treats blog. We hope to inform and/or entertain you with tidbits from time to time as well as provide delicious recipes for you to bake at home. Please let us know your thoughts and opinions, questions you may have if something didn’t turn out the way you expected and suggestions for recipes you’d like to try.  Just fill out the comment form below.

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