Coconut Cream Bars

Coconut Cream Squares

By Mary-Lee | Oct 14, 2016

There are two kinds of pies I have liked since I was a kid: coconut cream and banana cream. I used to look eagerly at restaurant menus to determine if I’d bother trying to convince my parents that we should have dessert or not. This recipe is a very good substitute for coconut cream pie.…

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The Marble Cheesecake Squares That Almost Never Happened

By Mary-Lee | Aug 28, 2016

So, what do you do when you realize you’re missing a key ingredient? Occasionally I’ll panic and search the internet for alternative recipes that omit whatever ingredient I’m missing.  Or I’ll just change what I was making entirely. Other times I’ll run to the store, but that option doesn’t happen very often since I live…

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Spiced Chocolate Chip with Raisins and Nuts 2

Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies With Raisins and Nuts

By Mary-Lee | Aug 21, 2016

We are going camping next week. Not the “canoe and only what you can carry” type, but the full-on “glamping” version – complete with fridge, freezer, A/C and running water. My husband says it’s not real camping. I say it’s really the best camping for me and my sanity.  What kind of treat to you take camping,…

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No Bake White Chocolate Raspberry Cheessecake

No-Bake White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake

By Mary-Lee | Aug 3, 2016

This has been a hot, dry summer where I live, but the raspberries were abundant at the local pick-your-own farm.  My son and I spent one very warm morning picking raspberries for jam.  Besides ending up with a scratched arm (mental note: wear long sleeves!) I had enough left over after making the jam, to fill…

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Ginger Zinger Cookies

Chewy Ginger Zinger Cookies

By Mary-Lee | Jul 14, 2016

Crackly, sugar-topped spicy ginger cookies.  Since I was a kid, they have been my favourite cookie to dip into milk (sorry chocolate chip).  My Dad used to buy the hard and very spicy “snap” version when I was younger.  I guess that’s why I used to dip them – it softened them and made the spice bearable…

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Raisin scones

Raisin Scones

By Mary-Lee | Jun 15, 2016

Apparently I pronounce the word “scones” wrong.  I grew up in the Canadian Prairies and have been informed by my dear husband that we prairie people pronounce some words differently than those “out east”, this being one of them. I say scONs while many here say scOHnes.  Regardless of how you pronounce it, these are…

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Pudding cake

Sommer Kitchen Pudding Cake

By Mary-Lee | Jun 6, 2016

I worked as a full-time waitress at a small, family-owned restaurant one year after high school to earn money for college. Mr. and Mrs. Penner (the owners) were the sweetest people and they put up with my many mistakes and steep learning curve when I started. I didn’t walk fast enough, I had a terrible…

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Back to the Basic Ingredients

By Mary-Lee | May 24, 2016

I am a transplanted prairie girl who loves basic ingredients – flour, cocoa, chocolate chips, sugar, butter, cream, etc. If a recipe had exotic ingredients in it, chances are that we weren’t able to find them in my small town, so I have historically stuck with the basics. About nine years ago, however, I found…

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PB Chocolate Cookies on rack

I Love Cookies! (and Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter Cookies, too)

By Mary-Lee | May 6, 2016

I have always enjoyed cookies – making them, eating them, sharing them. In my years of cookie baking I have collected a few treasures that I like to make over and over again because of their consistent ability to please the palate. My children also have a few favorite cookies that they like to sneak…

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